SEPTEMBER 16th, 2016 ASTROLOGY & ENERGY: Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Happy Full Harvest Moon in Pisces AND Lunar Eclipse! This full moon brings us the opportunity to reconcile two seemingly contradictory energies (coming from Virgo and Pisces) to create harmonious unity. Pisces is fantastical, imaginative, the mystic dreamer pondering the magical mysteries of the universe and wholly unconcerned with logic. Virgo, on the other hand, is an expert analyzer and organizer, focused on getting the details just right in order to most efficiently serve the purest ideal of the greater good. So where is the bridge between these two? That is for you to discover in your own life and in your own way, and you will be helped by Chiron—the wounded healer—who is traveling closely with the Full Moon and drawing out old wounds to reveal their teachings. Every mess in your past was a message waiting to be revealed, and tonight’s lunar eclipse could help to illuminate what that message is, as long as you consciously release, forgive, and go with the flow wherever it takes you. Be aware of the reflexive desire to avoid what hurts, and surrender. Put your trust in the universe that whatever comes is toward your highest good! You are coming into realignment that can only be reached by clearing some of what has come before.
This can be a pretty emotional time, and we will want to remember that everyone around us is also going through something potentially deep and murky as well. We may all tend to take things far too seriously, so anywhere that you can identify and be amused by the lighter things in life, do what you can to spread laughter and share the love!

SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2016 ASTROLOGY & ENERGY: New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Virgo


“Eclipse” by Cedar Lee, which you can find prints of here

Today is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo! This eclipse is visible mostly in Africa and Asia, but its energy can be felt across the globe. Eclipses have the power to speed up advancement in our lives, amplifying the unconscious and revealing what has been hidden. The Dark Moon encourages us to let go of something and honor what is ending, and also step forth on a new journey aligned with our highest intentions. Mercury’s retrograde which just began (going from August 30 – September 22) is also in it’s ruler Virgo, giving extra power to any efforts we embark on in witnessing and releasing old thought patterns. Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for reviewing, re-evaluating, redecorating, and other endeavors that involve taking stock and working with what already is or has been. Perhaps it is time to set something totally free from your life. Perhaps it is time to keep the thing but change how you deal with it, or let go of a certain assumption about it. However it plays out for you, there is something that needs to be sorted out, and Virgo’s energy can help you do so!

The energetic climate right now can feel chaotic, but focusing on doing your inner work will pave the way to clarity surprisingly swiftly! Don’t avoid or be apathetic to what is painful; these points are where the greatest teachings and opportunities for growth lie. Be wary of the impulse to do things from a reactionary place of impulsivity now, and keep your focus on founding any new beginnings with maturity, integrity, and honesty. If a crisis comes up, trust that it WILL resolve itself in the following days or weeks. This eclipse is a transition point and a passageway to a new paradigm, so be mindful of where you’re headed. It’s likely we will need to be flexible, as life often proves to have its own agenda, but intention and integrity will keep you on a positive path. As Bilbo Baggins said, “You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Keep compassion, curiosity, and kindness as your constant companions, and good things will meet you as you go.


AUGUST 18th, 2016 ASTROLOGY & ENERGY: Full Moon in Aquarius


Today is a Full Moon in Aquarius! This full moon is on the edge of a partial eclipse (unfortunately not visible to us Earthlings), beginning an eclipse cycle that is ushering us swiftly into a transformative new phase of life (the next and strongest eclipse will be September 1st, followed by another on September 16th).

Aquarius helps us to see the bigger picture and, in doing so, to—perhaps suddenly—recognize the importance of releasing the old and cumbersome to make way for something new. If you feel in need of guidance, let your intuition lead you today, and pay attention to synchronicities that pop up. Don’t get swept up in trying to figure things out; try to trust that the answers are there for you if you will allow them to be.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, has big influence on this moon and offers us the opportunity to break free of old shackles and rewrite the narratives of our lives. Uranus reminds us that *anything* is possible, as long as we seek to let go of that which ties us down. This is SO often easier said than done, but we’ve got luminous lunar and planetary support on our side right now! The challenge you’re invited to focus on today is to practice not allowing anything energetic that comes at you stick. Release what comes in every moment by allowing it to pass through you, perhaps envisioning yourself as a mountain and it as a drifting cloud. This could be a feeling, a rumination, a remark from someone else (and the subsequent feeling), anything that you might typically feel affected by and perhaps buy into. If you can play with allowing these things to pass as you experience them today, you may find that it becomes rapidly easier to let go of some long-labored-under and old stories!

A full moon is always a good time to celebrate the things in your life that you have achieved or are grateful for, rather than focusing on the things that you lack. Try to imagine for today that the life you really want is easier to manifest than you thought. It is time to dream a bigger dream that includes more of what you want! Being flexible in your attachment to thoughts and things, and trusting in the universe and yourself, will help to get you there.

(pic is a piece of an amazing painting called “Atlantis” by Marijke Koger, creative rainbow-beaming mind behind the 1960’s design collective The Fool)

August 2nd, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Leo


Happy New Moon in Leo! A new moon represents the ending of one cycle and beginning of another, and with Sun conjunct the moon, ALL possibilities are on the table! Anything you want to create for yourself is now possible, so ask yourself: what do you want to create? This is the time to make a fresh start and begin writing a to-do list!

The energy of this moon is enthusiastic, albeit a bit impulsive, so it’s possible that not all new projects will succeed the way we envision, but setting intention is never a bad thing! If your plans are sound, it will be easier to achieve practical results than in the previous four weeks since the last new moon.  The best time for taking action to make a fresh start is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle, from today (the 2nd) to the 18th.  You may find during this time that you are *finally* transcending setbacks which have hounded you for a long time!

This is the final new moon before a solar eclipse on September 1st, so work on tying up any loose ends and clearing away clutter.  This moon is trine Saturn, assisting us in taking on hard work in preparation for potential hard times in the future.  Conserve resources, and work on getting ahead where you can. Fortunately, the moon landing now in the heart-centered sign of Leo gives us a soulful energy boost, so we can move forward to with courage, grace, and ease.  Tune into the wisdom of your heart, and stay open to anything that makes you feel creative, childlike, and free!

July 19th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Capricorn


It’s a full moon in Capricorn tonight! Capricorn is represented by the sea goat, a symbol of balance and responsibility–connected deeply with spirituality, intuition, and the soul, but also concerned with structures, rules, ambition, and steadiness. He climbs mountains carefully, step by step, always seeking higher planes.

This full moon sits in a square with Uranus, the planet of upheaval, uprising, and breaking away from tradition. The influence of Uranus is particularly strong right now, because it is readying to station retrograde at the end of the month. If you think these energies sound somewhat conflicting, you’d be right! Squares like this promise challenge, and whatever you seek to resolve or accomplish now probably won’t come easily.

Part of this comes from the Capricorn-influenced inclination to rigidly cling to certain emotions or interpretations of the situation at hand. One may, for example, be *certain* that a particular problem is best solved through cut-and-dry logic, with emotion kept tightly under wraps and out of the way. While it is important to not be swept away in emotion, being willing to go into and feel whatever comes up might be the best way to get through and beyond. Pay attention to inclinations to repress, and ask yourself: What situations bring these up? What emotions are you most resistant to experiencing? What are you afraid will happen if you let it out?

Bringing intention to fruition at this time will require discipline and hard work, particularly of the soul-searching variety. If you’re ready, a willingness to examine aspects of the situation or yourself that you would rather not look at and are inclined to hide in shadow can offer surprising solutions to pragmatic problems.

We are all inclined at this time to look at past visions, lessons, and experiences to guide us; it is up to each of us to determine how we will use this energy, though. Will you cling to what has always been, flaws you’ve witnessed, and doubt because of past failures–or will you stop and question where those perceptions came from and if they still serve you? This moon can really help us see the Truth, of who we are, what is, and where we should go from here. As ever, the only way we’ll get there is to try to be compassionate towards ourselves and others, and Do The Work!

July 4th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Cancer


art by Louise Benton

Tomorrow night’s fireworks will sparkle particularly brightly in the dark night of the Cancer New Moon!  This New Moon is forming two strong aspects to both Saturn and Neptune, so it’s likely that this will not be a typical New Moon where we can set intention on this precise day and set off towards our wishes, hopes, and dreams.  Neptune may be influencing us to feel deeply but also unrealistically, and Saturn shows us that we may need to make adjustments before choices are made.  We might need to wait a day or two and consider what we really want to manifest before we can see clearly.

This New Moon is ultimately directing your attention to self-care and how you nurture yourself.  How are you taking care of you?  Can you love and honor yourself more than you want to please others?  Pluto is in direct opposition to this moon, and may be bringing up feelings of guilt or jealousy.  It also makes us analyze how we’re being affected by our relationships. Are your needs being met? Who is difficult? What needs to change for you?

It is likely that some will be finding themselves torn between familial duties and personal passions,  perhaps trying to be everything to everyone and spreading one’s self too thin.  Be on the lookout for tendencies of trying control the situation, under the guise of nurturing.  If you’re experiencing pushback from others when you are trying to do something “nice”, step back and take a look at your motivations.  What exactly are you trying to accomplish, and why? Be watchful for this behavior coming at you from others as well, and try to respond with compassion—remember that this way of interacting is amplified by the current astrology and likely won’t feel so prickly in the near future!  Be focused on your personal goals, who and how you want to be, and try hard to respond rather than react.

This moon may bring to light your shadow side, your weaknesses and “bad” behaviors.  Pluto digs up that which we repress or deny about ourselves.  The challenge now is to own these un-loved aspects of yourself, don’t dismiss them, but also consciously put more energy into doing what EMPOWERS YOU. What makes you feel strong? What makes you feel confident? What makes you feel that the world is filled with possibility? See the shadow but don’t let its existence convince you that you’re unworthy of your most sparkling dreams.  You might have an opportunity now to really witness the ways you sabotage yourself.  This may sound grim, but it’s actually really exciting as it will help you to move forward in a positive way!  Take good care of yourself, try to act from love instead of fear, and make some art if you can!

June 20th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Sagittarius


Happy solstice!  The sun’s light on this longest day of the year will keep shining on us all night—albeit reflected—on tonight’s magical Sagittarius full moon!  Though the solstice happens every year, it hasn’t coincided with a full moon since the “Summer of Love” in 1967, and won’t again until 2026!  Today, the moon—symbol of the sacred feminine—comes into fullness on the day that we are celebrating the power of the sun—symbol of the divine masculine.  The union of these highest aspects of male and female energies asks us to contemplate the balance in all things, and reminds us to be appreciative of both aspects within ourselves.  If you haven’t been consciously witnessing this duality within yourself, tonight is a beautiful time to consider and write down qualities or behaviors that you exhibit, and identify if they feel more masculine or feminine to you. Then ask: what can you do more (or less) of to create a better balance?  Taking the time to do this is honoring yourself—in all of your aspects and seeming contradictions—in a way that we often don’t think to do!

Sagittarius, that purposeful archer, invites us to also really consider the concept of “Truth”—your own personal sense of it as well as what is expressed as collective Truth.  This necessitates also thinking about personal and collective illusion, denial, deception, and delusion.  What is your Truth, really?  Are you living in alignment with it?  If not, what can you do to get there?  How can you interact with the deceptions and delusions of others around you and stay steady and connected to what you believe is right?

Additionally, though normally there is only one full moon per sign each year, in 2016, we get TWO in this expansive and growth-oriented sign!  The first was on May 21, 2016, and now (especially since we’re no longer in the thrall of Mercury retrograde!) whatever you’ve been working toward since then has a golden opportunity to finally start coming together in a palpable way. Not only is Mercury out of retrograde, but it has slipped into a grand cross with Gemini, amplifying its powers of swift motion, intellect, awareness, and communication.  Mercury in this position makes us feel that there’s no time like RIGHT NOW to make changes we’ve been mulling over, reminding us that life is short and all we have is the moment we’re in.  There’s a feeling in the air that something must be done, but it’s possible that the exact “what” of it is still—frustratingly—a little unformed. If you’re in that boat, don’t fret! Mars, planet of action, is still in retrograde and is encouraging us to continue on with any deep soul work we’ve been doing (or to delve in, if we’re not doing it yet) in order to OWN past deeds and misdeeds, heal old wounds, take responsibility for our present well-being, and be ready to spring to larger positive action when he goes direct again on June 29th.  The potential for healing is huge right now!  Stay present and—most importantly—DO THE WORK.  Whatever that statement brings to mind for you, pursue it.  It may not be pretty. It will likely be uncomfortable.  But—WOW!—what comes next has the unequivocal potential to be a firework sparkle swizzling rainbow magic treasure beyond your wildest dreams!!

(That gorgeous pic above is “Full Moon” by Marina Molares.  You can buy a print of it here:

June 4th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Gemini

It’s a New Moon in Gemini tonight!  Amplifying the usual “New Beginnings” energy of the new moon, there’s also a pretty unique alignment of planets right now in relation to us here on earth, including a Grand Cross, which is when four planets line up to create a cross pattern and indicates a powerful time of transformation and healing.  The planets involved in this Grand Cross include Saturn, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter.  These planets may lead us to feel that a change or shift in our lives is necessary, but also feel really confused and scattered when it comes to moving in a direction.  It is a good time to think about and write down what you consider to be all the possibilities if you do (or don’t) take the action that you’re thinking about.  Clarity might not come at this time, but this exercise will likely help you sort through the confusion.

Mercury-ruled Gemini is all about communication, and it is very important to speak from the heart at this time, even if we fear how we will be perceived. On the flip side of avoiding saying too little, we might be inclined to say too much, so try to keep these guidelines in mind before you speak:

*Is it kind?

*Is it necessary?

*Is it true?

*Does it improve the silence?

Mind your words, and consider that what you say out loud is something you may be giving more power to.  What do you want to amplify?  Try to put out positive intentions through your words, and resist giving energy through speech to that which you lack or don’t want.  Let’s all try to be mindful and practice this for the weekend, and see what happens! 🙂

Everything’s a bit confusing and in flux right now, so we should seek to be openminded but stay grounded, not taking any big leaps just yet, even if your energy is pushing that way. Put your energy into being intentional with your communication, listening well, and focusing incorporating more of what makes you feel tranquil and gratified.  It is also a REALLY good time to take on any creative projects, so go make something beautiful!

April 22nd, 2016 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Scorpio


It’s a full moon in Scorpio! The poet Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the light enters you,” and this is a fitting message for the lessons of this lunation. Scorpio’s energy is towards achieving change and personal transformation, cutting through illusions we’ve been swimming in and illuminating the truth behind the façade.  Pluto (lord of death & destruction) and Mars (lord of war) are Scorpio’s planetary best friends, and both of them have just gone retrograde, kicking up the intensity of this moon, particularly when it comes to issues of power.  Retrogrades encourage us to reflect and review, and at this time we may find that many of the answers we seek can be found by examining where we have been and what we have done to arrive where we now are.  It is likely that what we need to look at will be playing out somehow in our relationships with others, so pay attention to what is prompting strong emotion in this arena, keeping in mind the concept that we are acting as mirrors for one another.

Scorpio is all about death and rebirth, and unresolved issues from the past will be coming up, pointing to something in our lives is needing to evolve, either to be left behind or taken to the next level.  This moon can help us to witness and release old blocks or patterns that we need to break free of.  Emotions will definitely be riding high, and we may feel inclined to be impulsive with our emotional or ego-driven reactions, but it’s important to stay grounded and not let this energy throw off your equilibrium.  The present energies have likely been building for the past two weeks, and will continue towards resolution in the next two, so take time to be reflective and mindful of why you are wanting to do what you are wanting to do.   We have an opportunity to take decisive action with regard to something difficult, but make sure you are ACTING and not REACTING.

Questions to ask ourselves at this time:

“Have I been following my passions or ignoring them?”

“What direction am I heading in, and is this the way I want to go?”

“Have I been falling back into old habits? What do I need to shift to leave those behind?”

“What can and can’t I control?”

“What do I truly desire?”

“How far am I willing to go outside of my comfort zone to get what I want?”

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April 7th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Super Moon in Aries


It’s a Super New Moon in Aries today!  Although the new moon is not visible to us in the sky, its relatively close approach to the Earth means it has particularly powerful influence on us at this time.  Fiery Aries drives us to take action and boldly go where we have never gone before, and in a particularly independent way.  This is the time to blaze a trail on your OWN journey, not by stomping all over or burning bridges with those around you, but by giving some serious attention to what you—and just you—want to do and be in your life.  It is also time to witness and try to integrate your light and shadow in the service of this path you want to take.

Although the mission here is deeply personal, it is likely that you will see what needs to be worked on or accepted through tensions, conflict, and opposition experienced with others.  There is high potential for volatility now, so TRY to think before you speak and act.  Remember also that what makes you feel strongly (positively or negatively) coming from others is a mirror of something in yourself, and you are invited to do yourself the service of thinking on what that reflects in you (after the emotional wave in the heat of conflict has passed).  This may help you to come to a clearer view of yourself and what matters to you, and also show you what is working and what is not in relationships, as well as differentiate what is your responsibility and what isn’t, what can and can’t be changed through your own power.  It’s very possible that through these considerations, you may be able to see a new solution to an old problem, or that something you perceived as a problem is actually a solution!  Be open to seeing and considering what comes up, but don’t act on anything too hastily.

You might feel conflicted right now, empowered to go go GO one moment and weighing heavily the pros and cons in the next.  Aries pushes us to act (sometimes impulsively), argue, and take a stand, while the North Node in Virgo pulls us to analyze and be discerning, deliberating over the potential long-term effects of such action.  Mars—the planet of action—is about to go retrograde (on April 18th), which tends to hinder new endeavors, so finding a way to use that intense forward-momentum-focused energy in small positive and productive ways rather than full-on attacking a big goal would be most helpful in the long run.  Look for modes of expression that allow you to release strong feelings in an intentional way (exercise is GREAT for this), so it doesn’t come rushing out in a way that you didn’t intend.  The coming retrograde is a particularly great time for reflecting on past issues or experiences that have made you feel triggered and tender, and to better understand your impulses, survival instincts, courage, anger, and the way you go about getting what you want out of life.

Aries is an initiating sign, and this new moon is a powerful time of new beginnings and for deciding what story will guide you through the rest of the year. Commit to your most heart-centered vision, and do what you need to do to get grounded, healthy, and ready to take a leap of faith when Mars goes direct again in June.