SEPTEMBER 16th, 2016 ASTROLOGY & ENERGY: Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Happy Full Harvest Moon in Pisces AND Lunar Eclipse! This full moon brings us the opportunity to reconcile two seemingly contradictory energies (coming from Virgo and Pisces) to create harmonious unity. Pisces is fantastical, imaginative, the mystic dreamer pondering the magical mysteries of the universe and wholly unconcerned with logic. Virgo, on the other hand, is an expert analyzer and organizer, focused on getting the details just right in order to most efficiently serve the purest ideal of the greater good. So where is the bridge between these two? That is for you to discover in your own life and in your own way, and you will be helped by Chiron—the wounded healer—who is traveling closely with the Full Moon and drawing out old wounds to reveal their teachings. Every mess in your past was a message waiting to be revealed, and tonight’s lunar eclipse could help to illuminate what that message is, as long as you consciously release, forgive, and go with the flow wherever it takes you. Be aware of the reflexive desire to avoid what hurts, and surrender. Put your trust in the universe that whatever comes is toward your highest good! You are coming into realignment that can only be reached by clearing some of what has come before.
This can be a pretty emotional time, and we will want to remember that everyone around us is also going through something potentially deep and murky as well. We may all tend to take things far too seriously, so anywhere that you can identify and be amused by the lighter things in life, do what you can to spread laughter and share the love!

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