SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2016 ASTROLOGY & ENERGY: New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Virgo


“Eclipse” by Cedar Lee, which you can find prints of here

Today is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo! This eclipse is visible mostly in Africa and Asia, but its energy can be felt across the globe. Eclipses have the power to speed up advancement in our lives, amplifying the unconscious and revealing what has been hidden. The Dark Moon encourages us to let go of something and honor what is ending, and also step forth on a new journey aligned with our highest intentions. Mercury’s retrograde which just began (going from August 30 – September 22) is also in it’s ruler Virgo, giving extra power to any efforts we embark on in witnessing and releasing old thought patterns. Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for reviewing, re-evaluating, redecorating, and other endeavors that involve taking stock and working with what already is or has been. Perhaps it is time to set something totally free from your life. Perhaps it is time to keep the thing but change how you deal with it, or let go of a certain assumption about it. However it plays out for you, there is something that needs to be sorted out, and Virgo’s energy can help you do so!

The energetic climate right now can feel chaotic, but focusing on doing your inner work will pave the way to clarity surprisingly swiftly! Don’t avoid or be apathetic to what is painful; these points are where the greatest teachings and opportunities for growth lie. Be wary of the impulse to do things from a reactionary place of impulsivity now, and keep your focus on founding any new beginnings with maturity, integrity, and honesty. If a crisis comes up, trust that it WILL resolve itself in the following days or weeks. This eclipse is a transition point and a passageway to a new paradigm, so be mindful of where you’re headed. It’s likely we will need to be flexible, as life often proves to have its own agenda, but intention and integrity will keep you on a positive path. As Bilbo Baggins said, “You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Keep compassion, curiosity, and kindness as your constant companions, and good things will meet you as you go.


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