August 2nd, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Leo


Happy New Moon in Leo! A new moon represents the ending of one cycle and beginning of another, and with Sun conjunct the moon, ALL possibilities are on the table! Anything you want to create for yourself is now possible, so ask yourself: what do you want to create? This is the time to make a fresh start and begin writing a to-do list!

The energy of this moon is enthusiastic, albeit a bit impulsive, so it’s possible that not all new projects will succeed the way we envision, but setting intention is never a bad thing! If your plans are sound, it will be easier to achieve practical results than in the previous four weeks since the last new moon.  The best time for taking action to make a fresh start is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle, from today (the 2nd) to the 18th.  You may find during this time that you are *finally* transcending setbacks which have hounded you for a long time!

This is the final new moon before a solar eclipse on September 1st, so work on tying up any loose ends and clearing away clutter.  This moon is trine Saturn, assisting us in taking on hard work in preparation for potential hard times in the future.  Conserve resources, and work on getting ahead where you can. Fortunately, the moon landing now in the heart-centered sign of Leo gives us a soulful energy boost, so we can move forward to with courage, grace, and ease.  Tune into the wisdom of your heart, and stay open to anything that makes you feel creative, childlike, and free!

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