June 4th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Gemini


It’s a New Moon in Gemini tonight!  Amplifying the usual “New Beginnings” energy of the new moon, there’s also a pretty unique alignment of planets right now in relation to us here on earth, including a Grand Cross, which is when four planets line up to create a cross pattern and indicates a powerful time of transformation and healing.  The planets involved in this Grand Cross include Saturn, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter.  These planets may lead us to feel that a change or shift in our lives is necessary, but also feel really confused and scattered when it comes to moving in a direction.  It is a good time to think about and write down what you consider to be all the possibilities if you do (or don’t) take the action that you’re thinking about.  Clarity might not come at this time, but this exercise will likely help you sort through the confusion.

Mercury-ruled Gemini is all about communication, and it is very important to speak from the heart at this time, even if we fear how we will be perceived. On the flip side of avoiding saying too little, we might be inclined to say too much, so try to keep these guidelines in mind before you speak:

*Is it kind?

*Is it necessary?

*Is it true?

*Does it improve the silence?

Mind your words, and consider that what you say out loud is something you may be giving more power to.  What do you want to amplify?  Try to put out positive intentions through your words, and resist giving energy through speech to that which you lack or don’t want.  Let’s all try to be mindful and practice this for the weekend, and see what happens! 🙂

Everything’s a bit confusing and in flux right now, so we should seek to be openminded but stay grounded, not taking any big leaps just yet, even if your energy is pushing that way. Put your energy into being intentional with your communication, listening well, and focusing incorporating more of what makes you feel tranquil and gratified.  It is also a REALLY good time to take on any creative projects, so go make something beautiful!

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