April 22nd, 2016 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Scorpio


It’s a full moon in Scorpio! The poet Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the light enters you,” and this is a fitting message for the lessons of this lunation. Scorpio’s energy is towards achieving change and personal transformation, cutting through illusions we’ve been swimming in and illuminating the truth behind the façade.  Pluto (lord of death & destruction) and Mars (lord of war) are Scorpio’s planetary best friends, and both of them have just gone retrograde, kicking up the intensity of this moon, particularly when it comes to issues of power.  Retrogrades encourage us to reflect and review, and at this time we may find that many of the answers we seek can be found by examining where we have been and what we have done to arrive where we now are.  It is likely that what we need to look at will be playing out somehow in our relationships with others, so pay attention to what is prompting strong emotion in this arena, keeping in mind the concept that we are acting as mirrors for one another.

Scorpio is all about death and rebirth, and unresolved issues from the past will be coming up, pointing to something in our lives is needing to evolve, either to be left behind or taken to the next level.  This moon can help us to witness and release old blocks or patterns that we need to break free of.  Emotions will definitely be riding high, and we may feel inclined to be impulsive with our emotional or ego-driven reactions, but it’s important to stay grounded and not let this energy throw off your equilibrium.  The present energies have likely been building for the past two weeks, and will continue towards resolution in the next two, so take time to be reflective and mindful of why you are wanting to do what you are wanting to do.   We have an opportunity to take decisive action with regard to something difficult, but make sure you are ACTING and not REACTING.

Questions to ask ourselves at this time:

“Have I been following my passions or ignoring them?”

“What direction am I heading in, and is this the way I want to go?”

“Have I been falling back into old habits? What do I need to shift to leave those behind?”

“What can and can’t I control?”

“What do I truly desire?”

“How far am I willing to go outside of my comfort zone to get what I want?”

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