December 11th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Sagittarius



It’s a new moon in Sagittarius—and the last new moon of 2015—tonight! As one of the most freedom-loving signs, today we may all be feeling a bit of the pull towards liberation—from a sticky situation, from the expectations of others, from anything that has been feeling constraining lately. In the passionate intensity of the quest for freedom, be aware of the tendency to exaggerate (and on the lookout for the same in others). Don’t get seduced by promises, but judge by behavior. It’s going to be very easy to get swept up in the moment, but it would be wise to direct that energy of possibility within rather than biting off more than you can chew out amongst others, where you’ll eventually have to recalibrate and explain yourself.

Chiron is squared against the moon, reminding us that we *all* have wounds and pain. The source of insecurities, jealousy, and negative beliefs can be exposed right now. Situations may seem heavy, so try to take it easy on yourself and others. Be patient and keep an open heart, allowing your feelings to flow and space for healing to grow. Try to enter into any interpersonal situations with a pre-set intention of forgiveness and compassion. This is a time to embrace introspection, and to consciously witness the places within us bound by fear and how we have been hurt in the past. These old wounds are likely to rise now, but in different guises in relation to new situations. This new manifestation of an old issue may be just different enough that you can see it with fresh eyes. Be on the lookout, find the wounds, and have faith that—having found them—you are now embarking on the path to heal them.

Saturn recently moved into Sagittarius and will stay for the next two years, and it invites us to consider what we are serious about committing to. What projects are you willing to take on and dedicate your efforts to? What do you need to say YES to, knowing that although it will be rewarding, it will be no cakewalk? What’s worth the work, to you? Now is the time to embrace wholeheartedly or really, truly let it go. The time to hesitate is through!

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