August 14th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Leo


Happy new moon in Leo!  It’s a good time to re-affirm belief in yourself and your capacity for love and abundance.  Leo invites us to live through the heart, meaning embodying your passion, being and doing and pursuing what makes your heart SING!  Leo is demonstrative, dramatic, and self-expressive, shining light on the full spectrum of love’s power–from feeling SO glowy and high that you might fly away, to the crashing crushing battered low of heartbreak and grief. Issues of intimacy are intensified, in ways that feel both beautiful and terrible, and if we pay attention to the way we welcome or resist, this can be an amazing turning point in your emotional life.

Leo brings the bright light of consciousness to the darkest places within us, and empowers us to take ownership of our lives and actions.  We can see how our choices shape our lives, if we are willing to keep our eyes open.  Pay attention particularly to the things you resist, interpersonal instances where you are SURE that you are right.  Is this certitude coming from your true values or is it an old story reflected and projected?  Let yourself be vulnerable and witness this honestly, for this is where the seeds of deepest healing are planted.

Venus is still in retrograde, so you may be thinking on the past or experiencing the return of old feelings or people who hadn’t been in your life for a while. Concurrently, ancient wounds and pain around shame and self-worth might be bubbling to the surface.  This is ultimately a really beautiful and helpful thing, because it makes these things easier to see and understand if you are trying, but be mindful of the tendency to project this stuff in your relationships.  Mind your words, take a step back and re-center yourself, and do your best to come from a place of love when conflict comes up.  Think what you will, but make the goal to ACT from the power of your highest self. Now is not the time to make dramatic proclamations, endings, or beginnings of a relationship.  The flamboyant nature of Leo might make it seem like a good idea in the moment, but do your best to hold off on big decisions when it comes to love, as you may find things look different when Venus goes direct again!
Focus on your talents now and embrace any and all creative pursuits.  It’s a great time to express yourself artistically.  It doesn’t matter if what you make is “good” or not; the key is just to throw yourself into it with abandon.  Follow the yearnings of your inner child, and call in your unique purpose to be strengthened and magnified. You are creator of your life, so own it!

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