Mexicali News: The Mexicali TieDyeMobile is Ready to Rock the Roads of Maine!


Mexicali’s new TieDyeMobile makes sunshine daydreams come true!

Mexicali Blues has just unveiled a new delivery vehicle that matches the Mystery Machine in grooviness, and just might rival LL Bean’s Bootmobile in SPG (Smiles Per Gallon)! “Driving down the road making people smile embodies the Mexicali Experience!” says Co-Owner Kim Erskine. Mexicali’s new TieDyeMobile is a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter delivery van adorned all over with a vibrant rainbow burst of tie dye, thanks to an all-around awesome job by Adventure Advertising out of Rockport, ME! The choice of tie dye was an easy one, as expressed by Mexicali Owner & Founder, Pete Erskine: “Tie Dye is my favorite color!” This Sprinter was chosen for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and aesthetic appeal, all of which are highly complimented by the kaleidoscopic swirling colors of tie dye.”27 miles per gallon made the Sprinter the responsible choice; tie dye made it the right Mexicali choice” says Topher Mallory, CEO.


The awesome Adventure Advertising team all decked out in tie dye to match their amazing work!

In the coming months and years it will be beaming psychedelic rainbow awesomeness all over the state of Maine, from Pemaquid Lighthouse to Portland’s Maine State Pier, all the way to Bangor’s Waterfront Concert Pavilion, and at all of the college campuses in-between. You may even find the TieDyeMobile at the picturesque perch on top of beautiful Cadillac Mountain! If you find yourself wondering “Where is the TieDyeMobile?” you can follow its adventures on instagram @tiedyemobile, and keep your eyes peeled as it may be rolling through a town near you! Moreover, just as the Batmobile responds to the Bat Signal, the Tiedyemobile is more likely to appear if you are wearing a tie dye, so color up your closet, and unleash your tie dye vibes on the world!


The TieDyeMobile brightens up the Old Port in Portland, Maine!


Mexicali co-owners Pete and Kim Erskine beaming colorful tie dye vibes!


The TieDyeMobile lights up Freeport, Maine!

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