July 15th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Cancer


Happy New Moon in Cancer!  Get ready to be awash a sea of emotional intensity, as this watery moon urges us to feel and speak the truth of our deepest needs and desires.  Many will be feeling suddenly, surprisingly awakened from a sleep in which you didn’t even realize you were dreaming!   You may suddenly see the light, what to do, where to go, who should or shouldn’t be part of your journey, and that is a beautiful thing that will have been a long time coming! Trust your instincts and your feelings as you look for and discover new truths, paying attention to what they are telling you—while resisting the urge to judge them as good or bad. You may see the things you do to undermine yourself, you might feel fear or shame, but now is the time to embrace your dark side and accept that you are both shadow and light, yin and yang, and that without one the other could not exist.  Try to love all of you, and practice compassion for yourself.

This is also a time when you may feel the awesome power brewing in you to bust out of old patterns that have for far too long kept you rigid and small.  You have the opportunity now to overcome something that has been holding you down throughout your whole life!  Cancer—the crab in its shell—is a master of developing defenses to protect its emotional sensitivity, so be really aware of any defensiveness that arises in you today—this can show you where the block is that you can now work to release. New Moons are for beginning new endeavors, so know that just witnessing what you want to shift is more powerful than you think, and enough for today.

It is important to exercise emotional control today when it comes to perceived slights, as overreacting is likely (thanks, Mars!).  It is a good day for talking less and listening more, particularly to how you feel.  Try to dwell in a spirit of compassion and love. Stay focused on what your heart desires, and keep that positive vision in mind in the face of obstacles.  Who do you want to be?  What do you want to do?  The ocean undulates no matter what you do, so the time has come to own your true magic and ride the transcendent wave!

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