June 2nd, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Trickster: Coyote Paints The Night Sky by Phoenix Custom Primitives, 1999

The Trickster: Coyote Paints The Night Sky by Phoenix Custom Primitives, 1999

Happy full moon in Sagittarius! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of aspirations, visions, and dreaming BIG dreams! This moon is energized to inspire, and supports action and breakthroughs in both body and mind. Embrace the inspiration, but be aware of impatience creeping in—you may want to do everything at once, but feel frustrated that you can’t. Sometimes that desire to do ALL THE THINGS mixed with the impossibility of actually achieving everything at once kicks us off the path of motion, and we find ourselves stuck back in the muck of stagnancy once again. Be mindful to recognize that tumble if it comes, and remember that you have the awesome power to get back up!

The energy is building to change things up and take on something new, filling us with enthusiasm to go forth on an inspired venture. Mercury is still retrograde, but that should actually help us as a stabilizing influence to get solid in and reflect on our plans before we zoom forward. This full moon asks us in this reflective moment to look at the way our habits of thought and speech are supporting or limiting us. The challenge here is that what it is most helpful to take note of right now are the things that don’t even register as they occur—the automatic patterns, reactions, assumptions, and stories we tell ourselves and accept without question.

If you have trouble seeing these things, one place to start is by breaking it all the way down to language and listing words you’ve been saying a lot lately. What do you say to yourself when you forgot something in your house, have just gotten in the car, and have to go back for it? What do you say when the one thing you went to the grocery store for is out-of-stock? What do you say to your reflection in the morning? What do you say to your loved ones in the morning? Can you discern a pattern that starts you on a road of discovery?

Once you recognize these things, set your intention to keep the best and cull the rest! It is time to focus on starting a new adventure without allowing fear and doubt to hold you back. This whole month of June is all about self-exploration, expansion, and creativity—and with Mercury turning direct again on June 11th (hooray!), the time is coming to take the steps and move forward to your goals!

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