March 5th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Virgo

"Virgo" by Carolyn Quan

“Virgo” by Carolyn Quan

Happy full moon in Virgo!  A powerful time of upheaval, challenge, and change, this moon can feel emotionally draining.  We may be tempted to see things clearly defined as black or white, good or bad.  Be mindful and dedicate serious consideration to any situation that pops up where you feel that you are absolutely right and the other party is absolutely wrong (the same goes for the other way around). Virgo’s organizational tendencies make us want to categorize in order to make sense of our experiences, but a quincunx (awkward aspect) between the Moon, Uranus, and Venus can make everything feel a little muddled and confusing right now.  One moment, you’re inspired!  The next, you’re annoyed!  Be flexible, look for synchronicities, and don’t get too locked into any one way of thinking or being.

Breakdowns may be leading to breakthroughs at this time, endings preceding beginnings; take note of what you learn and experience, and remember no state of being or feeling lasts forever.  Whatever is happening now will change, so ride the wave and gather what insight you can from the experience. All you witness as light or shadow has an opposite of equal power, and now is a wonderfully potent time to pay special attention to the side of that coin that is not right in your face.  This may be your own mind or habits, those of someone close to you, or an experience that affects you emotionally on some level. That emotional component will make it particularly challenging to see the opposing forces at work.  Stepping away from the action, creating a special sacred moment and space (using music, incense, sage, crystals, whatever works for you), and writing a stream-of-consciousness list of “light” and “dark” can be particularly helpful. It seems rudimentary, but you can get a lot of insight and healing from this exercise, giving you a clearer view of the wholeness and interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things.  If you’re a visual thinker, it’s a great time to contemplate the symbol of the yin-yang, which balances dark and light with a little piece of the other within each half.

The full moon is always a wonderful time to release, so think about letting go of habits, thoughts, people, situations, beliefs, or realities that don’t serve your highest good anymore.  Clearing the way will allow something new and better to grow in that space. This is a time of transition and transformation in some form for every being on the planet; keep compassion in mind as you remember that we’re all in this together!

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