February 18th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Aquarius


Happy New moon in Aquarius! There are actually two Aquarius New Moons this year (the first occurred on January 20), which gives us double the energy towards realizing a certain truth or goal–in this case, a big piece of that for many has been recognizing our place in the world as global citizens, completely individual yet related to the whole, a single drop in the vast ocean of humanity.  Think back to patterns you have discovered in the past few weeks, connections you have realized, and ways in which you have witnessed interconnectedness OR resistance to it.  Consider what you may want to now put in motion because of this new awareness, what new beginnings you might create.

You may find yourself feeling more attracted to ideas than feelings at this time, and you should embrace the impulse to learn and explore new things–particularly in a community setting where you can gather, debate, and share with others. Aquarius encourages us to explore new ideas and avenues of thought without judgement, treading even where we have dared not go before, just to check it out and get a new perspective. Recognize that learning and discovering does not mean it is necessary for you to commit to anything; work on taking it in, without worrying on what it could mean in the future.

Ever the brilliant oddball, Aquarius pushes us to wave our freak flags high and embrace the things which make us each unique. From quirks to foibles, everything you bring to the table comes together to make you a beautiful and inimitable individual, with a lot to offer the world! Even your wounds and shadows serve to make you a more compassionate and wise person, and you can use those things to help others, if you choose. It is important to first embrace your own weirdness before you can truly share it, so spend some time today doing something that is just for you, and consider making a double-sided list of things that you like and believe to be true vs. things you know you don’t like. Try to do it without judgement of yourself; try to list things you genuinely feel and not those that you think you “should” feel.

A new moon is an excellent time to start a new endeavor, as well as let something old go. This Aquarian moon offers a particularly magical time to be inventive and experimental with your dreams and methods in order to connect with your truest self. Get clear on your personal values and then get psyched and ready to add them to the cosmic revolution!

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