February 3rd, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Leo


Happy full moon in Leo! The full moon in Leo speaks to our “inner child”, who is warm, generous, and loves with the whole heart. This inner child also desires to be admired as entertaining and clever by all those around, and when denied this desired position as the center of attention, might feel inclined to throw a tantrum!

Be aware of the tendency right now for pride issues coming up if we don’t feel that we’re getting the attention and adoration that we believe we deserve. If this comes up for you, use it as an opportunity to look at your own levels of self-love as well as how you honor others. Are you generous in love, or do you give to get something in return? Are you expecting others to show up for you in a way that you don’t show up for yourself? If you find yourself dwelling in disappointment with how a loved one has failed to meet your needs and begin to feel overwhelmed with this feeling, it may be helpful in that moment to mindfully release your expectation and bring the focus back to your own heart and the love that you feel for that person which drew you to them in the first place. Visualize the love as a light radiating from your heart, and let the high emotion of the moment pass by while you dwell in that, even if you must take a step back and be silent. Don’t be afraid to drop that emotional hot potato and come back to it later!

This is also set to be an incredibly fertile creative time, as Leo rules self-expression and the spontaneous elucidation of joy. Embrace it! Create with abandon and try not to worry about how the finished product will be judged. While Leo’s influence will make you want to receive recognition for your talents NOW, just starting down a creative path that interests you can lead to extraordinarily powerful things in the future, so try to let go of expectation for the moment and just participate. With an attitude focused on celebrating abundance of ideas and inspiration, you are opening a door to beautiful manifestation possibilities!

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