October 8th, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Aries


(Beautiful painting by Cathy Frisiello, available here: http://ow.ly/CoRfP)

It’s a full SUPERMOON in Aries tonight, with a lunar eclipse! The energy of this moon offers an amazing electric boost to your personal power for transforming limiting perceptions and habits. Through taking responsibility for your emotional reactions and choices rather than projecting blame, some stale perceptions are now ready to shift into a place of forgiveness, compassion, and growth. If you act with a conscious mind and an open heart, you may now be able to cut through all your old emotional gunk to see the truth of who you are and why you get caught up in certain patterns. This moon could be an emotional roller coaster ride, but one with many lessons to share!

If you experience painful feelings, really try to sit with them, rather than avoiding them or getting swept up in the drama of emotion. Just breathe and observe that feeling of being misunderstood, or heartbroken, or angry. You may want to meditate and ask what this emotion has to teach you. Clear your mind, focus on your breath, and just ask. When you are done meditating, be sure to write down or draw anything that you saw or experienced, even if it made no sense at the time.

Even your most painful emotions come from your heart, which is the source of our power as human beings. To love, feel gratitude, compassion, to positively effect the world–none of that is possible without this feeling part of us that can be so easily hurt. It is only through looking deeply at our pain, our darkness, and the sometimes less-than-good-for-us ways that we cope, that we can see ourselves–and thus everyone else–more clearly, and transform that which seemed a burden into a gift that is uniquely yours to share.


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