Gemstone Magic & Meaning: Malachite



Malachite, unlike stones of the quartz family, absorbs energy instead of projecting it. Because of this, it’s very useful for releasing negative thoughts or emotions. It also helps to foster creativity and encourage self-expression.

This stone has vivid dark to light green lines that run parallel to each other in concentric circles. The Egyptians have been using this mineral since 3000 AD for amulets, jewelry, and even ground into a powder as an eye shadow, for its beautiful colors and also for clear vision and increased insight.

Malachite has been called the “mirror of the soul”. It reaches the inner feelings of the person wearing it and amplifies both negative and positive. It is often known as the Transformation stone, and it can be an amazing tool on the path of spiritual growth. For the conscious and mindful wearer or bearer of this stone, malachite releases energy blockages and offers a clearer path of insight into old wounds, habits, and negativity, allowing these darknesses to be transmuted into something wise, loving, and positive. It is said to get rid of timidity and encourage adventure.

In the world of Astrology, malachite is connected with the Capricorn and Scorpio zodiac signs. Malachite can be used to help clear and activate all chakras in the body, especially the heart and throat.

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