May 14th, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Scorpio


Happy full moon in Scorpio! This potent lunation will bring intense karmic energy that shines light on the darkest places in our souls.  Scorpio is a water sign, and encourages us to go deep-sea diving in the depths of our hearts to find what parts need transformation, intimacy, or emotional truth.  Something within your subconscious is wanting to be recognized and dealt with right now.  This might be an old story or wound you have been playing out in your life without realizing it.  You may want to look at any disagreements or stress you have had lately, and ask yourself if you can recognize a pattern in the way you have dealt with or felt about things of this nature.  Do you see evidence of coping strategies you came up with in childhood to deal with traumas or fears?  Are these ways of thinking/relating still useful to you?  Now is the time to look within by being keen observers of what our old wounds cause us to project outwards–particularly beliefs and feelings of fear, powerlessness, or unworthiness.

Dig into your shadow material and let go of what no longer serves you, preparing for yet another death-rebirth cycle.  You can’t start something new until you let go of the old thing that was holding you in the place that you were.  If you are repeating the same behavior over and over expecting different results. . . well, you know the old adage on what that means!  The power of this time will support the work of clearing out the emotional residue from past experiences, helping us to move to forgiveness and neutrality for all the lessons it took to get us to our present state.  Give yourself permission to heal and move forward in your life.

Transformation to a higher vibration of living involves cultivating awareness of harmful or inessential habits, cycles, or ways of relating, and Scorpio’s energy urges us to purge that junk to make way for the new.  Look at your emotional relationships with others to see where those changes are needed.  You must have a brave heart to want to shift the habitual, comfortable, and known to live more consciously and in the truth.  If you are ready to try, Scorpio’s full moon is here to light your way!


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