March 16, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Virgo


Illustration is “Winter Night with Full Moon” by Ev Cabrera Marinucci. You can get it here.

Happy full moon in Virgo! This moon guides us to put to use the things we’ve learned in the past few months, and let go of the old in order to make space for the new. It may be time to make a difficult decision in order to honor your greatest good. It may be that it is time to get rid of an outmoded way of thinking, or a habit that no longer serves. When you consider what this moon could possibly be guiding you to shed from your life, try to look beyond the first obvious thing (though that may need to go as well!).

Virgo helps us to understand and accept who we really are, recognizing at once the connection between ourselves and all other living things and the unique gifts that we each bring to the world. At the same time, the nitpicky nature of Virgo may lead us to be hard on ourselves in this self-evaluation, encouraging us to compare ourselves to others or the standards of others to see how we measure up. Ask yourself if you are seeing yourself as how and who you really are, or are you looking through a veil? If you simply hold the intention of wanting to see the truth, both the good and the bad, this full moon will likely offer some revealing answers. Once you have set this intention, pay attention to your dreams, imaginings, and experiences of synchronicity in your life for guidance.

If you are ready, it is a good time to face your fears and vulnarabilities and work to accept them. Try to consider what positive aspects of yourself have stemmed from or are related to the things you consider your flaws, with gratitude for how even the darkest and “worst” parts of you are part of what makes you whole. This is a challenging exercise, but will help you accept and ultimately celebrate the unique and wonderful being that is YOU!

Both light and shadow in our beings make us who we are and help us make a contribution to the world that is completely individual, and you may want to consider what you would most like that to look like. As Mary Oliver wrote, “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

It is a good time to bring your big dreams and intentions into the present, and commit to taking the first baby step towards achieving your goal. Do something practical, no matter how small, that supports your journey towards what you want to create in your life. Setting your intentions tonight under the light of the full moon–by writing it down, creating a vision board, drawing it in a picture, or just meditating on it–can help you manifest your desires.

Although right now (at least here in New England) the trees are still bare and the ground frozen, spring WILL come. What are your intentions for the next season in your life? The seeds you plant now will bear fruit when the real blooms and buds flower in the forests and the fields. Get ready.

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