January 5, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Cancer


Picture is “Moonlight” by Ethel Larcombe. Find this and more of her gorgeous works here.

Tonight is a full moon in Cancer! This moon is shining its light on your emotional self and intuition. While the tide of emotions may be particularly high at this time, you should be able to find some understanding of where they are really coming from. Let the focus of your energies today be on self-care, and set intention to incorporate more of what nourishes you into your life. Where could you be kinder to yourself? What damaging habits or patterns are you ready to let go of?

Cancer illuminates the mother-father archetype for us all. Under the full power of the moon this week, we may feel issues arise towards how we were parented, how we nurture our self and others, or how we have come to live within an armored shell to protect our tender and vulnerable hearts. It is good to reflect now on how the way you were raised has influenced the way you interact with others and the world, in both the ways that you embrace and those that you prefer not to think about. Past issues are looking for closure at this time. Examining your family dynamic may reveal where a pattern is playing out on a larger scale.

Regardless of your own family experience, this full moon lights the way to connect with your own Inner Mother–your inner sense of guiding intuition and self-love. There is a deep strength and knowledge within us all that is particularly accessible at this time. Pay attention to your dreams, subconscious urges, and intuitive insights, as this is where she often shows herself. Consciously draw upon your Inner Mother to feel grounded as you use your intention to illuminate that which is hidden from your awareness. Allow yourself to journey into the world of your emotions and face your shadow side (the things about yourself that you avoid or don’t like). This process is painful, but it will ultimately heal you and allow you to access the rich wisdom contained within your wounds.

This full moon offers the opportunity and the support to find solutions to long-standing problems in your life, suddenly making it all seem very clear. Take time to create in your mind’s eye what you would like to see unfold in your life. Get into detail, and don’t get hung up on what seems realistic vs. what you really want. Write it all out, and leave this written manifestation of your dream future by a window where the full moon light can shine upon it. This could be the beginning of a more healthy, loving, and fulfilling life for you if you work to let go of the old and open your heart to what is coming!

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