August 2013 Blue Moon: Full Moon Energy Magic


Did you know that tonight’s full moon is a BLUE moon? It’s a special and uncommon occurrence, with some very powerful energy! This is a time to honor the fullness of your life and to practice seeing magic in all things. Use the lunar power of tonight to help you set intention for things you want to create in your life in the next month. If you are able to, spend time in nature; getting grounded in its mystical beauty will help you manifest your dreams!

Although the title of “blue moon” is often these days reserved for the second full moon in a month, the wise old farmers back in the day thought of things a little differently! Usually there were three full moons per season, which the farmers used to keep a sense of time throughout the year–in Summer, the first moon was “early Summer,” then came the “Midsummer,” and finally the “late Summer moon.” But sometimes there are four moons per season, the third of which (that’s tonight!) is called “blue”, so the fourth and final one can still be called “late Summer moon”.

How will you bask in tonight’s moonglow? What would you like to draw into your life over the coming month? What’s something that you love that you only do “once in a blue moon”? Now’s the time to embrace it!

(Celebrate the moon and sweet music every day with our Jerry moon sticker, as seen in the photo above: )

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