Mexicali DIY: “Namaste” Hanging Organizer

We come indoors from the Winter weather and shed our layers of coats, hats, scarves, and everything else that keeps us from turning into snowpeople, and put it…where? Many of us wind up tossing all our Winter gear on a chair, table, or even onto a steadily growing pile on the floor (If it’s in a corner, it’s doesn’t count as clutter…right?).  Well, toss NO MORE!  It is time to make a super groovy rack organizer for corralling coats and scarves!

whatyouwillmakeYou will need:

  • supplies
  • Our large (5.5″ x 12″) Namaste sign. Namaste is a Sanskrit greeting of positivity, meaning “I bow to you”; a fabulously zen, good-vibe way to be welcomed home!
  • One 8″ x 12″ piece of wood & a similarly sized scrap piece of wood if you have it
  • A drill & screwdriver (our electric one does both)
  • 2 screws
  • 4 hand-painted ceramic knobs
  • a ruler & a pencil

Step 1:

unscrewingUnscrew the hanger from the back of your Namaste sign.  Be sure not to lose it; you’ll be using it later!

Step 2:

measuringandmarkingPlace the Namaste sign on top of your wood piece as shown above.  Figure out where you want to drill the holes for your knobs using a ruler to make sure the distance between them is even. Be sure that the holes for the knobs are at least an inch away from the edge of the Namaste sign, creating ample room for the things you will be hanging on the knobs.

Step 3:

drillingDrill the holes for the knobs where you marked them.  Bonus tip: If you put another piece of wood under it as you drill, you won’t get a jolt when the screw pops out on the other side!

Step 4:

drillingnamasteDrill a hole on each end of the Namaste sign, one between the N and the A, and the other between the T and the E.  This is where you will screw the two pieces of wood together.  We did this on top of our scrap piece of wood, to make the drilling smoother.

Step 5:

allholescompleteLine up the two drilled pieces so the top edges are even.

Step 6:

putthescrewinPlace the two screws into the two holes you have made on the Namaste sign, and screw them together with your screwdriver.  Once that is complete, it should look like this:

screwedtogetherStep 7:

preparetheknobPrepare your knobs for this project by removing one nut and washer from each, and flipping over the bronze base so the wider end is facing away from the ceramic knob.

Step 8:

finalknobtwistPut the first knob spindle through the holes you’ve drilled, and screw a washer and then a nut onto the end.  Pull the knob so most of the spindle is sticking out the front of the wood.  We did this so that there would be more room to hold coats and other bulky items on each knob.  Although, fastened like this, the spindle can slip back and forth, once it is on a wall, it won’t.

Step 9:

wediditRepeat step 8 with the rest of the knobs.

Step 10:

putthescrewbackinUsing manual (hand) power, screw the hanger that you took from the back of the Namaste sign onto the back of your new creation.

Step 11:

greatsuccessHang your new organizing rack on the wall!  Put your stuff on it! Bask in the glory of your crafty awesomeness!

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