Mexicali News: Beginning the Demolition of our Old Newcastle Store

We’re pretty excited here in Newcastle, Maine, as we begin the process of deconstructing our old store on Route 1 to make way for the bigger, better, more Mexicali new one!

Central Maine Power and Tidewater Telecom are working together with us to move our power lines higher & further from the road to accommodate a larger store. While this is happening, we’re working with Becker Construction in demolishing the old store. Part of this is gutting the old store, and as we’re doing this we’re finding all kinds of awesome pieces of history–pottery from Malley (now in Hallowell), remnants from the Mexicali skateboard shop, and a cool DownEast Donuts sign that we found in one of the walls!

This building used to be a video store as well (so many different lives it has had!) & Glenn Chadborn (the cover artist for many Steven King books as well as other fantasy, horror, and comic projects) had painted the entire building in movie themes.  We are revealing pieces of it from underneath the siding, and it’s really cool!

As of today, all Mexicali stuff is out of the building & it is set to be demolished at the start of October. Stay tuned for more details as we continue this adventure!

Don’t forget: while we are doing this construction Mexicali Blues Newcastle is still open in Damariscotta at 372 Main Street!  To find our temporary location, simply take a right onto Business Route 1, head through downtown Damariscotta and out the other side, up the hill after the Co-op and we are on the left at the top of the hill.  You can always call the store at 207-563-3860 if you want more detailed directions or can’t find us.

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BUT WHERE are you NOW??? do i have to wait for next summer? yr shop is one of ht major the highlights of my occasional drives downeast. please don’t tell me i have to go to Freeport. i RARELY go there except the middle of the night to ONE store. eek

Glad you found the address of our new temporary location, Dianne! It’s just up the road from the old location, on Main Street in Damariscotta. Hope you come see us sometime! 🙂

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