Thai Fisherman Pants: Traditional Pants Still Awesome in the Modern Age

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Thai fisherman pants are a loose, lightweight trouser with a wide waistband and customizable fit that can make a single pair of pants fit people of many different sizes and shapes!  Depending on how you fold the waistband, a pair of Thai fisherman pants can also be worn as floor-grazing full-length trousers or as gauchos or capris.  These traditional lightweight pants have long been popular with fisherman in Thailand (hence the name), and also the Intha men living on the Inle Lake in Myanmar, as shown below in this gorgeous photo by David Lazar.

Thai fisherman pants have become increasingly popular with men and women of all nationalities.  The lightweight fabric and availability in a veritable rainbow of hues makes them a popular travel pant: rolled up, they become very compact & pack well, allowing a traveler to carry several pairs in different colors in the suitcase space that would have been filled by one pair of jeans!
The adjustable waist makes Thai fisherman pants particularly well suited to activities in which the wearer needs a wide range of motion, like karate, hiking, tai chi, dance, or yoga.  We at Mexicali love wearing our Thai fisherman pants on long journeys–in the car or on a plane, it is nice to not have a waistband cutting into you, and these terrific trousers are a far more exotic look than the sweatpants that would give similar comfort!
A thoughtful and creative gift for a mother-to-be, traditional fisherman pants make the ultimate maternity pants. The waistband can be adjusted to accommodate a growing belly, and can continue to be worn once the baby is born!
Versatility, uniqueness, and supreme comfort converge in the laid-back style of these awesomely eclectic pants.  There’s a reason they’ve remained steadily popular since way back in the day—they rock!  Grab a pair of our favorite Thai fisherman pants for only $20 at Mexicali Blues online or any of our stores in Maine, and see for yourself!
Here’s how to wear Thai fisherman pants:

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