Mexicali Clothes: Not Just for the Youngins!

For Cinqo de Mayo, some of the Mexicali ladies took a walk down to the Lincoln Home, the local retirement community, for a fun fashion show featuring clothing from local shops. Here’s Mexicali co-owner Kim Erskine getting a little goofy with a tiny festive hat made out of a styrofoam cup:

The show was to benefit the local Union Women’s club as well as the Lincoln Home itself, and several local businesses donated clothing to be modeled by employees, residents, and friends of the Lincoln Home. Each store showed about four outfits, and it was great to see what all our local friends have new in stock for spring. Every store wrote incredibly creative descriptions for each outfit to be read by the MC as their models came out. There was a lot of applause and laughter; everybody watching had a great time and the models were working it! Here is our awesome Mexicali model, Rhonda, rocking her favorite look of the day (a batik top and batik skirt set):

She is telling me she wants to buy the outfit as I take the picture!

This model was being so sassy with the sunglasses; everyone was loving it!

This model and resident of the Lincoln Home bought all of the (all beautiful & super classy) outfits at the on-site thrift store. This outfit cost her $5!


Here’s Rhonda in her debut model walk, with Kim and Newcastle store manager Shannon sitting pretty behind her. She looks so great in that kurta tunic! We are all loving that shade of turquoise this summer!

There was a wide age range for the models, which was great. This model is a high school student, and at the end of the show, the MC and residents expressed appreciation for her and her modeling friends keeping them current on the state of fashion for young people (because grandchildren are designed to be spoiled by their grandparents, are they not?).

Here’s one more of Rhonda showing off her Mexicali jewelry: a gorgeous shell necklace and a fashion bracelet!

We had a great time at the fashion show and know everyone else did as well! It was really cool to see how clothing typically sold in such a youth-oriented market can be styled for the more mature fashionista. We are so happy we were able to be a part of this fun event!

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